I’m visiting Woodland. Do you offer dog boarding and pet taxi to motels?

Yes, we do!

If you’re staying in Woodland, and your pup meets all of the criteria (in order to ascertain whether or not your pup would be best served with our type of boarding (cage-free), you need to fill out the Daycare and Boarding Application), we definitely would love to take care of your pup for you!  The rate is $40.00 per night, and we offer free pick-up and drop-off to your hotel (Woodland-only).

We also offer a pet taxi service for those staying in Davis.  Please contact us for rates.

Our service definitely comes in handy for those that regularly travel with their pets but find themselves wanting to check out places of entertainment where pets may not be allowed such as Cache Creek Casino, Davis Farmer’s Market and so much more.

Why aren’t you offering dog walks?

We removed dog walking from our list of services to concentrate our resources to our most popular pet sitting services:  In-Home Visits, Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding.

When we relocated down to the valley back in 2004, dog walkers (professional and non-professional entities) were listing their service at a highly discounted rate, which was below our standard visit rate and which was the same amount of time–30 minutes.  To be competitive, we set up our dog walking rates to be competitive with theirs but just found it to not only be a pricing conflict but a service-scheduling conflict.  Therefore, this past July, we removed the dog walking service entirely.

Dog walks are still performed within the scope of an In-Home Visit routine in which the walks are 10-15 minutes of the 30 minute block of time.  Longer In-Home Visits can be reserved.  Please see our In-Home Visit service page for rates.

The ability to customize your pet’s care is also available.  Just let us know what your dog’s needs are and we’ll work with you to construct a service that meets his/her exercise needs, e.g., in-home visits mixed with partial daycare (if your dog meets the daycare criteria).

What is the average size dog in daycare?

Our daycare recipients on average are at least 40 lb.  This can be a significant factor for potential clients who have small dogs that are not socialized, or socialized enough, with bigger dogs.  We occasionally get small dogs, too, but the average is 40 lb.

What is “Job-Sharing”?

Job-sharing is where two or more companies/people are both involved in taking care of your pets–but separately and independently.  This particular situation usually arises when your first [pet sitting] company/person of choice has limited availability and you need to hire a second company/person to take care of your pets the days that the first company/person cannot.

For example, let’s say that you need pet sitting to cover dates January 1, 2013 through January 5, 2013.  You contact KYPSAH giving us the dates that you need.  However, we’re only able to cover January 1 – 4.  You can either go with someone to cover all of the dates exclusively, or you can hire us to cover the dates we’re available, as well as, another person to cover the date we’re not.  This is job-sharing:  Two separate entities coming together–but independently of one another–to cover one job.

Lastly, in the situation of job-sharing, both sets of people need to have each other’s contact information in order to touch bases with one another concerning the pet’s care.

Can I drop by to see your facility?

Without a doubt, you most certainly can see where your fur-kids will be!  We would want to do the same thing 🙂  You’ll need to schedule an appointment as we don’t allow drop-ins and the reason for this is as follows:


  • Since we operate out of our home and not a storefront, we don’t allow people to just drop by (work-wise)
  • Scheduled appointments are necessary so that your scheduled appointment falls during a time when Jessie can meet you personally and answer any questions you may have


Where do the dogs sleep when staying with you?

They sleep wherever they wish, too.  They sleep with us in our home and are treated just like one of our own dogs.  We have one kennel that is up just in case one of them wants his/her own space (our dogs love to sleep in them with the door open) but they all sleep around the house together in an open environment (cage-free).

Does KYPSAH Pet Services donate to charity?

Yes, we sure do!

The Riggs family volunteers for Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions out of Sacramento, CA.  They are actively involved in helping this wonderful organization rescue wolves and wolf-dogs, as well as, educate the public on true wolf behavior.

On a personal front, the Riggs family is always busy looking for how they can help others.

Do You Offer Services in Truckee?

Yes, we do. We still offer doggie sleepovers (cage-free dog boarding) to our Truckee friends. Some ask us why we travel so far to take care of animals. Our answer is, “Why wouldn’t we?!” We love our friends (both human and of the fur-persuasion)! And, we are incredibly honored each and every time they think to call us to help them with their pets.

Do you make your own dog treats?

Yes, we do–most of the time! The dogs love it when Jessie is in the kitchen 😉 She’s even contemplating uploading her recipes to KYPSAH’s site.

Have you used pronged collars before for dogs?

Yes, we have–and still do for dogs that aren’t leash trained. They’re designed to imitate the correction of the mother but they have to be used properly. They work great for teaching dogs to not lead or pull. Another great collar would be the Ilusion collar by Cesar Millan for teaching dogs not to pull.