Closed for Vacation September 6 - October 6

Closed for Vacation September 6 – October 6

We will be closed in 2019 from September 6 through October 6 for our yearly shut-down.  Though we won’t be responding to reservation requests until we reopen on Monday, October 7, existing clients can still send in your request(s) like usual via text, email, Facebook, voice mail message…whatever method you prefer.

If you’re a new client, please go to our Reservations page and follow the steps to register with us, as well as, fill out an application on your pup.

Creating Boundaries for Dogs–Inside

We are ALL about leading the dogs not just in exercise but all the time!  It’s our job as pack leaders to promote security and structure.  This includes teaching them to understand what their boundaries are INSIDE the house.  For example, there’s no kitchen access.  And, they all KNOW what the kitchen provides:  FOOD!  The dogs that already know the boundaries inside the house help teach the ones who are just learning.  Dogs are the best teachers for dogs.