Who We Are

We are K.Y.P.S.A.H. Pet Services!  Our name K.Y.P.S.A.H. (kip-sah) simply stands for “Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy!”

We’re  an established, professional pet sitting company located in Woodland, California that is bonded and insured.

Our Owner

Jessica (“Jessie”) Riggs is the owner and founder of K.Y.P.S.A.H. (kip-sah) Pet Services — “Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy!”.  She founded the business back in February of 2004, in Truckee, CA but relocated the business to Woodland back in March of 2008 to be closer to family.

Jessie has a God-given knack for understanding pets and their needs, as well as, being able to relate and empathize with their human family members. She is genuinely charismatic and puts nothing but her entire heart and soul into KYPSAH.

She also volunteers for Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoption helping to educate the public on true wolf behavior.

Jessie’s entire family participates in the servicing of all the pets that come into KYPSAH’s care. Hence, for all services across-the-board, KYPSAH is and has been known to be synonymous with love. So much so, reservations are made way in advance—especially for the Holidays!

Our Mission

We, at KYPSAH, pride ourselves on always striving to provide humans, and their pets alike, with nothing short of 100% peace of mind and customer satisfaction!

We always strive at giving the fur-kids in our charge, the best experience possible with us. Our job is to create a safe, loving, second home for them so that all of the love that you pour into your fur-kids, continues through us.

With your fur-kids safe and happy, you can sit back and take care of YOU…whether that’s relaxing during a much-needed vacation or just being able to focus at work! We’re here to love and nurture fur-kids while–at the same time–helping to make life easier for our clients.

We thank you for the privilege of caring for your fur-kids! Please see our reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, and Facebook and let us know if you have any questions.

Just a taste of what using a professional pet sitter can give you is as follows:

* Flexibility
* Bonded and Insured
* Uncompromising Service
* Cost-effective
* 5-Star Service
* Pack Structure and Training
* Pack Leadership 24/7


[highlight color=”#096abf” bg_color=””]Our motto, and what we strive for, is treating every pet like a star because that is exactly what they are: A star in your life…blessing you with unconditional love and support.[/highlight]