Welcome to KYPSAH -- "Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy!"

Who We Are

We are an established, professional pet sitting company located in Woodland, California. Beyond that,
and more personal, we are a family that dedicates our time, love and devotion to all fur-kids that we
have the honor and opportunity of caring for since February 2004.

Founded in 2004

Founded in February of 2004, KYPSAH ("Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy!") Pet Services was the
start of a journey loving other people's pets we affectionately refer to as our "foster fur-kids".
And, what a beautiful journey is has been and continues to be!

Social Media Friendly

As an established presence on the web, we also devote a lot of our time and energy into showing pet parents just
how much fun their fur-kids are having by uploading pictures and videos (this also includes Facebook
LIVE videos) to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Yes, and YouTube!

All For Dogs

Creating a safe, engaging and social environment for dogs means maintaining pack structure, exercise,
boundaries and LOTS of hugs and kisses every moment of every day. Part of the fun for some of the pups
can be found in off-leash adventures in the mountains.

Hear What our Clients are Saying!